Brewster Brothers announce £6m investment in second recycling plant

Brewster Brothers announce £6m investment in second recycling plant

Message Matters took on a new client called Brewster Brothers in the last few days. The company is a sector leader in Scotland in recycling material from the construction and demolition industries. They can recycle almost 100% of that material, and then the aggregates they make are sold back to construction firms. 

The expansion of Brewster Brothers reflects the growing recognition within the construction sector of the need to adopt circular business models. The industry generates 50% of Scotland’s waste, plus it’s responsible for 40% of Scotland’s carbon emissions and 50% of Scotland’s natural resource consumption.

That’s why companies like Brewster Brothers are so important. 

Message Matters’ first job with them was to put out the announcement that the firm’s opening a second site, at the derelict Gartshore brickworks near Cumbernauld. The plan is for the second site to service west central Scotland in the same way that their first site near Livingston services east central Scotland.

Our press release was written up into articles by the Herald and the Scotsman as well as a number of business and construction trade titles.

We also produced a wee video featuring their managing director Scott Brewster for their social media.