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Message Matters has announced a partnership with Cicero Group which enables us to offer clients enhanced media relations and public affairs services in a wider range of strategically important locations.

Cicero Group, with four global locations, and Message Matters, have each sought the partnership in the belief that, whatever the outcome on September 18, an increasing amount of power will reside in Edinburgh following the independence referendum, and that relations between the nations of the UK and the Scottish, Westminster and European Parliaments will be increasingly intertwined.

Discussions between Cicero and Message Matters have been taking place throughout the referendum campaign since early 2014.

The agencies are not merging, however they will work together on behalf of clients whose interests straddle the internal borders of the UK.

  • Agencies expect sustained period of change in Scotland regardless of the referendum outcome
  • Partnership will help UK and international organisations decipher the new Scotland
  • Partnership will offer integrated representation in Edinburgh, London, Brussels, New York and Singapore

Commenting, Cicero’s Co-Founder and chief counsel Iain Anderson said:
“This is an important strategic link for Cicero and gives us a presence in Scotland. The likely transfer of more power to the Scottish Parliament – whether as a result of independence or further devolution – means that UK and worldwide corporates must now take much more notice of Scotland, and as an agency we want to be involved in that.
“We’ve known Peter and Andy since Message Matters’ formation in 2012 and worked with them on several projects. We believe they are peerless in their strategic judgement, their adoption of cutting edge campaigning techniques, and are utterly convinced they are the right partners for us.”

Message Matters’ Managing Director Peter Duncan said:
“Cicero is one of the UK’s most respected agencies, with a worldwide presence and a roster of first-class media and political operators.
“This partnership is the biggest single development since the formation of our young company. We are small, but we operate and deliver to an exceptionally high standard and we believe we can fill a gap in Cicero’s offering at the same time as taking our service to a much wider audience.
“Companies and organisations across the private, public and voluntary sectors will have to face up to the reality of a rapidly changing landscape in Scotland.
“They will need insight, advice and execution in Edinburgh, London, Brussels and perhaps further afield. Cicero and Message Matters can provide it.”