ECHC welcome STV for a visit to The Haven

ECHC welcome STV for a visit to The Haven

A couple of years ago, our client Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity told us about an idea which they thought could help tackle the deepening mental health crisis that children and young people in Scotland are facing. Their CEO, Roslyn Neely described their vision with such passion and enthusiasm that we couldn’t help but feel the same hope – that maybe this idea could be part of the solution to help ease the strain on CAMHS. 

We have been involved from the very beginning, offering advice and guidance, quietly building political support, and generating publicity in the media, as something which started as an idea took shape and became reality. The result was The Haven opening its doors in Tranent in September last year. 

The Haven is a pilot of a wellbeing and resilience service, and is the first centre to open under the Charity’s ‘No Time To Wait’ strategy. The Haven aims to support families with children struggling with their mental health and prevent problems escalating to the point where professional intervention is needed.

Fast forward several months and The Haven has proved it really does have the potential to be transformational. It has attracted almost 1,300 visits in its first six months. And critically, it has no waiting lists. 

We were thrilled to welcome STV News to The Haven to speak to the charity behind it, and the people it has helped over the last few months. People that had nowhere to turn. Coverage on STV News is so important to share the positive story that is The Haven. 

We will continue working with ECHC to advocate for funding to ensure The Haven becomes a permanent fixture in Tranent, and not just a pilot. ECHC believes that every young person who needs it should have access to a Haven, in every community, in every local authority area.