EO Day: MM helps put employee ownership in the spotlight

EO Day: MM helps put employee ownership in the spotlight

The rise of employee ownership and its increasing importance to Scotland’s economy is in the spotlight – with insight from Message Matters (MM) client Lindsays front and centre.

Today (Friday June 24) is Employee Ownership Day, which highlights the economic and social benefits that can be achieved when employees have a stake and a say in where they work. The theme this year is #GrowEO.Corporate lawyers at Lindsays are among Scotland’s most experienced advisors when it comes to the legal aspect of staff becoming the owners of their workplaces.

And market commentary from Partner Douglas Roberts features in stories via The Scotsman, The Herald, Edinburgh Evening News, Scottish Legal News, Scottish Financial News and Deadline News. It follows on from strong recent coverage of a number of moves to employee ownership in which he and colleagues have advised.

They have provided support for twice as many employee ownership deals across the country so far this year than they were in the whole of 2021.And they expect that number to continue growing, with Lindsays Partner Douglas Roberts commenting: “We are seeing huge demand from companies interested in, then becoming, employee-owned. As well as the transitions we have completed so far this year, a number of other deals are in the pipeline. It’s really encouraging for the Scottish economy.

“Increasing numbers of businesses are realising that employee ownership can work for them. It’s clear from the companies we are involved with that this is a model that can work for any size of company.

“This is a model which brings benefits for everyone.

“For staff who become employee owners, they secure a controlling stake in their future. For those looking to sell their business, it allows them to secure the future of their company while also managing their departure in a way that works for them.”Read more via this Scotsman online story.