Message Matters is 10!

Message Matters is 10!

Message Matters, the multi-award winning PR, political relations and campaigns agency, today marks 10 years of trading. Founded in 2012 by Peter Duncan and Andy Maciver, Message Matters aimed to fill a perceived gap in the market for a consultancy which offered senior-level service, with its directors carrying out work rather than simply pitching and leaving inexperienced staff to follow through.

The agency specialises in political relations and media relations, and uses an extensive range of trusted partners to deliver creative and digital work, photography and videography, and opinion polling.

It has worked with well over 100 clients over the decade.


Peter Duncan and Andy Maciver said:

“We started Message Matters out of frustration at our own experience of hiring agencies, with directors pitching for work, then leaving inexperienced staff to do the work. Frustration with long periods of inactivity. Frustration with feeling like an inconvenience.

“We wanted to build something completely different – an agency where directors pitch and also work, which only employs senior-level client-facing staff, and which rejects contracts so that clients are never tied in.

“In the decade which has passed, the political and media environment in which we operate has been turbulent. But Message Matters has been a constant. Our values today are the same as the day we started.”