MM ensures trailblazing communities shine in the spotlight

MM ensures trailblazing communities shine in the spotlight

The trailblazing success of communities in building better futures is inspirational – as we are reminded time and again through our work with Scotland’s Improvement Districts (SIDs).

Scotland has the world’s most expansive network of improvement districts, where people, businesses and other organisations work together to drive investment and innovation in their area – be that a single street, a town, a sector or even an entire island.

We help to tell the stories of their successes as part of our full-service communications support for SIDs and the wider Scotland’s Towns Partnership family.

In recent months, we have worked with SIDs to redesign and relaunch its website,

It’s work that has placed renewed focus on the “firsts” being achieved across Scotland and the successes these are driving for local communities.

We travelled across the country as part of a content refresh which has led to the creation of a new suite of words, pictures and videos which are being used to promote the benefits of the improvement district network. They also provided a springboard for a media drive to increase their number.

They include:

You can read all of the case studies here.

Some of those successes were also highlighted at a Scottish Parliament reception celebrating the work of improvement districts, which we also provided media support for.

In the media, the drive to increase the number of improvement districts has attracted healthy attention regionally – in places ranging from the Edinburgh Evening News, Aberdeen Live and GO Radio to Galloway News  – and nationally via The Scotsman, Scottish Business News and Deadline News.

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