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New figures show overwhelming support for fox hunting ban in Scotland

New figures show overwhelming support for fox hunting ban in Scotland

Eight in ten of those polled think fox hunting should be illegal

New figures published by the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland show eight in ten people think fox hunting should be illegal in Scotland with seven in ten absolutely committed to keeping the ban. The figures are being released on Boxing Day, which is traditionally the biggest day in the hunting calendar.

Robbie Marsland, Director of the League Against Cruel Sports, Scotland said: “These latest figures show the vast majority of the public fully support a ban on fox hunting with 80% of those polled voicing support for the activity to be illegal. Repeated polling over many years has consistently shown this to be the case with public opinion rooted firmly against this cruel and outdated pastime.

“Fox hunting with hounds was banned in Scotland fifteen years ago yet sadly we have a law which has not served the purpose for which it was intended. This means hunts are continuing to go out two or three times a week over the hunting season, hunting in a way which is almost identical to pre-ban hunting making the law a complete waste of time.”

The League is woking with the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament to strengthen the legislation and really ban fox hunting in Scotland. The polling, undertaken by Mark Diffley Consultancy and Research Ltd showed that 80% of those polled think hunting should be illegal. Supporters of all political parties are in favour of maintaining the ban with figures ranging from 60% for those who vote Conservative to 83% and 88% respectively for Labour and SNP voters.

The Green Party has recently announced a members bill to tighten up hunting laws in Scotland while in the same week, delegates at the SNP’s National Council voted to support a ban, passing a resolution calling for it to be made illegal for mounted hunts to use hounds to chase foxes from cover, and for all other hunts to be limited to two dogs. Currently, there is no restriction on the number of dogs that can be used by mounted or foot hunts.

Robbie Marsland added: “It is clear there is a strong political will to improve the law which currently legislates against fox hunting. The law was intended to end the horrific practice of using hounds to chase, terrorise and kill wild mammals for sport yet largely, our evidence shows this is still happening week in, week out over the hunting season in Scotland.

“The League will continue to campaign for a law which does what was originally intended and really ban hunting.”