PlusZero #MakingHydrogenHappen Exhibition a huge success

PlusZero #MakingHydrogenHappen Exhibition a huge success

It’s not often you can secure meetings with 40 MSPs for your client in the space of a week – but parliamentary exhibitions are a great way of engaging with MSPs from every political party and gaining exposure for your message. 

That’s what we were helping our client PlusZero do this week, with their Making Hydrogen Happen exhibition in the Scottish Parliament. 

PlusZero is a start-up specialising in the production, distribution and operation of green hydrogen that is produced from renewable energy on the Scottish islands. PlusZero’s unique proposition is taking the island-produced green hydrogen and using it in their emissions-free green hydrogen generators, which are a direct replacement for greenhouse gas-emitting diesel generators – and can be used in a vast range of applications such as music festivals, events, outdoor filming, construction and industry. 

At this week’s exhibition, over 40 MSPs from across the parliament helped us fill the #MakingHydrogenHappen map of Scotland with their creative ideas for producing green hydrogen from Scottish renewables and using it to decarbonise events in their constituencies. 

Message Matters has been working with PlusZero since 2021, when it was the first company to power a live music event at the iconic Edinburgh International Festival entirely on zero-carbon green hydrogen. It’s been an exciting year for the company, with the recent award of over £1.2 million from the Scottish Government’s Emerging Energies Technologies Fund to expand green hydrogen production in the Western Isles.

We are proud to be working with these renewable innovators and supporting their mission to achieving net zero!