A good campaign has to be planned and executed professionally, but it also has to look good. That’s where our strategic partners, such as creative partner Brand Satellite and web partner Roslin Design come in. We manage their work to ensure that what they produce is consistent with the aims and values of the campaign which we’ve created for the client. One example is … Young Placemakers.

Young Placemakers is a campaign by PAS (formerly known as Planning Aid for Scotland) which recognises that young people should be more engaged with the decisions which will shape a Scotland that is greener, smarter and stronger. The campaign aims to increase involvement in the planning system to give young people a central role in the creation of Scotland’s future places.

By the nature of the organisation, PAS works hard to represent its seldom heard and young stakeholders. In creating connections and communicating with political representatives via insightful PR campaigns, Message Matters has aided PAS and the audiences it represents.

What they say about us
Petra Biberbach, PAS’s Chief Executive, says: “Message Matters got under the skin of our organisation, know our work inside out and have become a seamless extension of our team. They understand intuitively how to relate to our distinct audiences and have been instrumental in charting a course for our rebrand, providing a balanced dose of friendly advice and critical guidance.”




March 15, 2015