Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications

Nobody likes buying insurance. But you’re grateful you have when something goes wrong. MM provides insurance in the form of a crisis communications service. A number of our clients, with whom we work only on an occasional basis, know that they can call us when they need to. One example is … Sport Aberdeen.

Sport Aberdeen is a charitable trust which operates leisure facilities on behalf of Aberdeen City Council. It is a non-profit organisation, with revenue used to continue improving facilities and services.

One of Sport Aberdeen’s emergency communications requirements was the media and internal handling of a change in the workforce’s terms and conditions, which had been a legacy of their employment by the local authority. With calm, rational arguments, a caring approach to staff and measured engagement with the unions and the media, we mitigated risk and ensured the process went as smoothly as could be expected.

What they say about us
Alistair Robertson, Chief Executive of Sport Aberdeen, said: “Organisations like mine, will always face challenging periods of public and media examination. When that happens, you need cool and considered counsel from the experts – I have hugely valued support and advice from Message Matters.” 



March 15, 2015