Generating media coverage is one of our ‘bread and butter’ services. We perform that role for many clients across a range of sectors. One example is … the Bon Vivant.

The Bon Vivant group of restaurants, bars and cafes is one of the most successful food and drink stories from Scotland’s capital in the last decade. Founded by Stuart McCluskey, establishments range from the flagship, award-winning Thistle Street restaurant bar to innovative and unique new spaces such as El Cartel Casera Mexicana and Pep & Fodder.

When the Bon V won the category of Best International Restaurant Bar at the global Tales of the Cocktail awards in New Orleans, they asked us to makea song and dance about it. We did, and the result was a great spread in page 3 of the bar’s main target media. PR is about more than a one-hit-wonder though, and we’ve used that coverage to turn the Bon V and Stuart into a much better known figure in the media.


March 15, 2015