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Reform Scotland calls for “Pay-As-You-Drive” road pricing

Reform Scotland calls for “Pay-As-You-Drive” road pricing

Our client Reform Scotland generated plenty of debate and coverage today with their call for national and local road pricing.

The leading, independent, non-party think tank proposed the abolition of current motoring taxes, replaced by a fairer pay-as-you-drive scheme.

They called for an end to Fuel Duty and Vehicle Excise Duty and their replacement by a national system of road pricing whereby people pay according to which roads they use and when. Reform Scotland’s latest report, “Pay-as-you-drive – the road to a better future”, highlights three main areas of concern, which are:

  • Increasing emissions: while other sectors are seeing a reduction in carbon emissions, transport’s contribution is increasing
  • Increasing congestion: little progress is being made in reducing congestion or increasing journeys to work by public or active transport – indeed there has been a 12% increase in traffic on Scotland’s motorways
  • Unfairness and inequality: Rural drivers filling up a Ford Mondeo pay over £10 more at the pump than urban ones, with fewer public transport options

The Pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) system would mean that people pay depending on which roads they use and when they use them. So, the amount they pay is a better reflection of the emissions and congestion they cause which is both a fairer and more efficient way of allocating scarce road space.

Reform Scotland’s proposals have generated plenty of reaction with the topic featured on both BBC’s Good Morning Scotland and Call Kaye today. The concept of PAYD has also generated plenty of print coverage and has featured in all of the major titles.

More information about Reform Scotland’s recommendations can be found on www.reformscotland.com